Our Story

The Outdoor Fitness is probably my destiny. Ever since leaving school and setting out on my first adventure to the Middle East and Africa I’ve always been enchanted by far away places and diverse cultures. As a child I was always mystified just by the name Kathmandu and last year on my birthday I stepped off the plane with 18 friends to witness this magical Nepalese kingdom that I had dreamed about as a child.

As the son of a former PE teacher, fitness has always been in the blood. The last twenty years have been dedicated to one athletic endeavour or another (plus a few drinks along the way) – either running the marathon or swimming across far away stretches of water. And if I could combine both things, then that was happiness for me. During and after these experiences I would feel totally re-energised and with a slightly more rounded vision of the world.




I’ve always loved organising adventures – either for myself or for groups of friends. Seeing the delight in a friend’s face that  discovers something that I have already known about is a joy and that moment when we all discover something new, something jaw-dropping, that’s when memories and unbreakable bonds are made.  Combining my two great passions in life seemed such an obvious idea. One wintry Christmas a few years ago the seed was sewn and the following spring the Outdoor Fitness Collective sprang into life.

If you’re contemplating joining us on one of our trips, just do it. We assure you a warm, friendly welcome and a trip that will live long in your memory. When your bones are old and weak you’ll be able to think back on good times with good friends.


Here we are in Nepal in November 2015 trekking towards the put-in on the Tamur River. An amazing adventure.