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More OFC Cycling Kit in stock

Published on Mar 21, 2016

OFC member Mans looking cool in his OFC kit

The OFC cycling kit is definitely cyclewear to be seen in. Designed by professional cyclist, Yanto Barker, the OFC kit is manufactured in Italy. The “minimalist” design is contemporary and something that will definitely turn heads out on the street and in the coffee shop!

The OFC bib shorts and short-sleeved 3-pocket jersey is designed for maximum comfort and form, using the most up-to-date technology in modern fabrics.

The shirt and bib shorts cost £100 and are available for members to buy online through the booking portal

Having a blast in Nepal

Published on Feb 23, 2016
A proper bridge

A proper bridge


Here’s a video of our absolutely awesome trip to Nepal at the end of 2015. It was a trip of a lifetime as predicted and something that the 19 of us that went will never forget.

Watch the video!

INSANITY is here!!

Published on Jan 2, 2016
Insanity has come to The OFC!

Insanity has come to The OFC!

We are pleased to announce that we are now officially Insaniacs! We are now offering the world-renowned “Insanity” work-out to our OFC members.

If you are ready to drip sweat and push past your limits to get the insanely fit body you’ve always wanted then we invite  you to check out our brand new Wireless Fitness INSANITY® class in on Mortlake Green on a Saturday morning (15 seconds from Mortlake train station).

We will show you how to burn fat, build muscle, and get into the best shape of your life, using the multimilion-selling INSANITY® program you’ve seen on TV.

Whether you’re in insane shape, or just getting started, our INSANITY® class can help you burn up to 1,000 calories an hour and build the hardest body you’ve ever had!


Plan your training to get fit

Published on Dec 17, 2015



Hey everyone,

I’ve just got off the train at Mortlake, the rain was torrential. I’m now having a small glass of red wine whilst typing this note :o)

The rain made me think that I was glad that I had already got my exercise in today. I went for a 40 minute run in Richmond Park just after lunchtime. Did I really want to go for a run? Yes and no. I wanted to see the park, I wanted the feeling I would get and the satisfaction of having done some exercise. I didn’t fancy the pain that went with it. Of course I suffered and my legs are sore now, but I am definitely glad I went.

I’ve been meaning to write this note for a while and getting off the train an hour ago in the rain reminded me to do it. I wanted to share something that I think made a big difference to my fitness journey.


I believe this is the 2nd best piece of advice I could give anyone wanting to get fit. Reasons;

  • It is scientifically proven if you write something down you are far more committed to it. Look at when you think you are free (morning or evening) and put in the exercise you would like to do.
  • Once it is in your diary you can work your life around it – if it’s not in your diary other people’s agendas can dominate your own. Having something in the diary gives you the strength to say “no, I’m busy that night but I can do Friday” or “I can’t meet at 7 but I can meet at 8”. Your agenda should take precedence as much as possible.
  • Achieving your results isn’t strictly about ‘goals’. What’s far more important is the system that you create to help you work towards your goal. If you have no system then success is left to chance [and not many people get fit by accident]. What’s more, goals [and not attaining them] can have a negative impact on your happiness. If you want to lose weight you could say “I’m gonna lose half a stone in the next month” or you could say “I’m gonna work out 3 times a week for the next month and stop putting sugar in my tea. No excuses.”. One is a wish, the other is a plan. If you focus on following your training plan and as long as you’re doing the right stuff, the goal is nearly in the bag.

One last thing, getting your training in early in the day helps a lot. I have read that the body is better suited to working-out towards the middle and end of the day and I don’t disagree with that. However, we aren’t all pro athletes and we are juggling work, kids, the weather etc. If you commit to training early you can always postpone until the evening if the weather is bad or something crops up [you also have a better social life and are more considered about alcohol especially if you are training the following morning]. What’s more, if you train in the morning your boss hasn’t had the chance to monopolise your exercise time.

OK guys, any thoughts on the above welcome. JB


Member feedback

Published on Nov 30, 2015

Martin says…

‘Since joining the Outdoor Fitness Collective (or OFC to those in the know), I have had the rare experience of standing in the middle of the Thames; been thoroughly drained after hill sprint sessions and have seen my cycling increase from struggling to do 20 miles to regularly being able to do 65 miles without breaking sweat (should we choose to have a gentle ride, which is very rare as we frequently race to the next lamppost or top of the hill!). Along the way I’ve met some great friends and we’ve just returned from an OFC cycling holiday to Spain, my fitness has really increased and I have shed a few pounds of fat and replaced it with muscle!’

Martin Landless, OFC Member

martin carl elvis

Jurassic Coast trip

Published on Oct 1, 2015

We’re planning our next trip to the Jurassic Coast. If you fancy getting wet and muddy then come and join us!
We will be kayaking round Old Harry’s Rock, trekking the beautiful Kimmeridge coast line and Coasteering the amazing Jurassic Coast. email jb@outdoorfitnesscollective.co.uk for more details. Planned date 10-12 Oct includes accommodation.

Double Jump kimmeridge Durdle Door-sml Pool-sml Old Harry Trip 1

More buggy fitness classes

Published on Sep 1, 2015

Calling New Mums: we have added another buggy fitness class to the OFC schedule. You can now get back in shape and bring your little one(s) to classes on Mortlake Green on Tuesdays at 2pm and Thursdays at 10am. Expert instruction from Hannah, a post-natal exercise specialist.


OFC Summer Social

Published on Aug 28, 2014

It’s nearly time for another get together. Leave the Lycra at home, get dolled up and head down to the OFC Summer Social. We’re headed for the river. Come and meet some of the friendlies people in London. Everyone is welcome!

Location: The Ship (Mortlake)
Date: Weds 10th September
Time: 7.30pm

The Ship pub is a 3 minute walk from Mortlake station. Mortlake station is served by trains from Clapham, Putney, Richmond and Twickenham.


Zumba On The Green!

Published on Aug 9, 2014

Launching 7th August: ZUMBA ON THE GREEN (a wireless music class)

Thursday sees the launch of our Zumba class on Richmond Green. Naomi will dance you into the shape of your lives using our wireless music technology. The party will be immense. 7.30pm Richmond Green.


“This class is amazing!!!! Naomi is lovely, with very good energy and powerful!! I’ve never done Zumba before but I found the class soooo good!!”


Another OFC Ironman

Published on Jul 7, 2014

Congratulations to OFCer JB who finished Nice Ironman last month in a very respectable 13h 05m.

Leading the way...

Leading the way…

Exercise with your kids!!!

Published on Apr 9, 2014


Lucie Tom2

At last a proper exercise class for all the family! On Saturday 26th April we are launching our wireless music bootcamp for adults and children. We want to show adults and kids just how much fun exercise can be and our brand new music bootcamp concept does exactly that.

Kids can get tonnes of fresh air and exercise to some of the latest music they normally listen to in their bedrooms. It’s a great way of creating an exercise bond with your children and adults can use the session to sneak an hour of proper exercise in at the weekend without having to leave the kids with someone else.

Kids should be 7+ years old
Kids must be accompanied by an adult
Kids are free. Adults £10.

OFC Christmas Social (in January!)

Published on Jan 6, 2014

Come and join us on Wednesday 15th January to celebrate the New Year. We will be launching two new classes and it’s also a good excuse for a get together. Members and non-members welcome.

Hare & Hounds, East Sheen, Weds 15th Jan, 7.30pm onwards

christmas drinks2


Published on Jan 3, 2014

Dragon Ride image

Several OFC members are challenging themselves on Sunday 8th June in the Wiggle Dragon Ride. The Dragon Ride takes place in the breath-taking Welsh countryside.

If you are looking for a cycling challenge then this is for you. There are several different distances so the event will accommodate all levels from novice to advanced. OFC will be putting on several rides in advance to ensure all members are up to speed and enjoy their day out (it will still be difficult!). Come and join us!

Corto 45km (total climbing 397m) £32.50
Medio Fondo 152km (total climbing 2,060m) £52.50
Gran Fondo 222km (total climbing 2,905m) £57.50
Dragon Devil 300km (total climbing 3,437m) £87.50
Women Only Cycletta 45km (total climbing 397m) £32.50


Wireless Music Bootcamp Launches Jan 18th

Published on Jan 2, 2014


Saturday January 18th at 10am sees the launch of OFC’s exclusive Wireless Bootcamp which uses state of the art technology to pipe music into the headphones of participants.

The high energy music combined with expert tuition will ensure you are totally pumped and your fitness is pushed to new levels.

The first class is on Richmond Green and is free to attend.


Published on Jan 1, 2014


OFC’s latest ironman

Published on Nov 20, 2013

Congratulations to OFC’s Carl Johnson on completing his first ironman last weekend. A fantastic achievement. He looked pretty snazzy in his OFC kit too! Here’s to the next one (maybe?!).


Friendly folk

Published on Aug 30, 2013

One of our members sent us this note which made us very happy. She is definitely right – we are a friendly bunch.

“OFC is the most friendly, personal fitness group I’ve ever been involved in.” Tess

August Special Offer

Published on Aug 28, 2013

As it says below, for £38 a month you can have unlimited access to all OFC’s fabulous land classes. The price is fixed until the end of March next year and you can cancel at any time. 40 memberships were made available at this heavily discounted rate and there are currently 18 remaining.

If any of the below hold true you should really consider joining;

If you want to get fitter
If you want a structured calendar of events
If you need motivation
If you like the buzz of getting fit in a group
If you want access to a wider range of classes at no extra cost than if you currently attend 1 class per week
If you want a better exercise environment than the gym
If you want to meet “the most friendly, personal exercise group in the world” (ok we added ‘in the world’ – thanks Tess)
If you can afford £1.25 a day


Member feedback: Circuit Training

Published on Jul 20, 2013

“Did the circuit training today with Mervin and Jonathan. A combination of body-weight, cardio and the ever painful cross fit exercises. You’re never still for more than a minute and the intensity is gruelling but worth every second. Amazing energy all round! See you guys next week!”

OFC member

OFC Gift Voucher

Published on Jul 2, 2013

We have been asked by several people if they can buy gift vouchers as a present for friends and family. The simple answer is yes. All you need to do is register and complete the purchase in your own name. Tell us that your purchase is intended as a gift and we will assign your exact purchase to the gift recipient’s membership. Simple.

Finnish love for OFC

Published on Jun 29, 2013

Finnish-born East Sheen resident Taina Uusitalo joined OFC in May to join our Tuesday night cross country skiing classes. It is the stereotypical joke that all Scandinavians skied to school – well, in Taina’s case, it’s true!

“What could be better than skiing in Richmond park all year round? OFC’s cross country ski class is great for ski-lovers but also suitable for beginners. With a great variety of exercises and technique drills the session really gets your muscles working. So much fun it doesn’t seem like exercise!”

Taina Uusitalo

OFC loves Babycakes!

Published on Jun 28, 2013

babycakes shop

OFC is delighted to announce its tie-up with East Sheen’s lovely Babycakes. OFC members benefit from a 10% discount on all purchases including coffee, cakes, snacks and gifts.

Babycakes can be found at 364 Upper Richmond Road West or at https://www.facebook.com/mybabycakeseastsheen/info

OFC Cycling Trip to Picos de Europa (Spain)

Published on

Picos Martin

OFC members had a great time cycling around the rugged landscape of Northern Spain. Rides included breathtaking scenery along the Cantabrian coast line, fantastic countryside and one mammoth 55km climb to the summit of one of the Vuelta a Espana stages in the Picos De Europa.

If you fancy joining the OFC ride next year, please get in touch.

New Trial Packages

Published on Apr 10, 2013

We have introduced 3 trial packages for prospective customers to try our classes. No matter which activity takes your fancy, one of the packages will give you access to that activity.

The 3 trial packages

  • 1 Thames based activity for £30
  • 3 Land class pack for £30
  • 10 Land class pack for £95

Sign up now

OFC Cycling Kit

Published on Mar 17, 2013

OFC is really grateful to our friend and professional cyclist Yanto Barker for his fantastic new designs for our cycling kit. We look forward to receiving them soon.